4MPWRMINT helps you and your families business implement growth and exit strategies in the greater Arkansas, Missouri, and Iowa region.

Prior to becoming “dealmakers”, our team of founders and executives were on all sides of the table.  We started 4MPWRMINT to deliver a meaningful transition experience for owners by people who are not only highly capable, but also committed to being "a strong, safe pair of guiding hands" delivering a win-win for all parties involved.  The concept of providing transactions we would want for our parents and families inspires us everyday, and in every interaction. 

We believe the power of relationship capital surpasses the power of transactional capital.


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Strategic Business Analysis

In-depth analysis to identify growth opportunities and maximize profitability.
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Business Valuation Services

Accurate business valuations to determine fair market value and assist in exits.

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Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Expert assistance in negotiation and structuring of business exits for optimal outcomes.

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Targeted Market Research

Gain insights into your industry and competitors with our comprehensive market research to inform your business exit strategy.

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Due Diligence Services

Providing solid stepping stones for tranistion.

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Act as Interim Operators in Transition

Providing better customer retention and a smoother transition.

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