At 4MPWRMINT we put people first, our strategic mission is to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality by acquiring primary care clinics from retiring baby boomers.  We are committed to preserving the legacy of these practices while implementing innovative strategies to ensure continued excellence in patient care.

4MPWRMINT aims to strategically acquire small primary care clinics within the $2-10M  EBITDA range from retiring baby boomers that the majority of Private Equity Firms will not touch.

Our approach involves the evaluation of each clinic's operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and community impact. 

Through seamless transitions and strategic investments, we prioritize maintaining the clinics' reputations while integrating modern healthcare practices to ensure sustainable growth and continued service excellence.


Advisory Board

Kenn Phillips

Kenn  was the President and CEO of The Valley Economic Alliance, (TVEA) serving the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, and its 5-city partners (Burbank, Calabasas, Glendale, Los Angeles, and San Fernando).  Kenn specializes in tax incentives for employee recruitment, training, and City and County tax credits.  Kenn also serves as a Board member for the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board, Sherman Oaks Hospital, Encino Hospitals, United Chamber of Commerce, CSU Northridge Ernie Schaeffer Center for Innovation Entrepreneurship, and Regional Higher Learning Consortium.

Andrew Braner 

Andy is a skilled Lobbiest.  Andy served as a Chief of Staff at the office of Jeff Fortenberry, Nebraska  District 1, U.S. Congress. While in Congress Andy was active in Healthcare and is able to help identify and grow Healthcare opportunities.  Andy was a congressional Fellow working on Middle East Affairs.  Andy was the President and CEO of KIVU, an international student organization helping students “Discover their Vocation in a Global Community.”  He was an Advisor a Mediterranean Basin Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and was also an Advisor and Fellow at the World Youth Leadership Network (WYLN).

Rafael Pardeiro PT, MSPT

Rafael is currently the President of Cloverleaf Services Inc., which is a home health therapy staffing company that works pediatrics and geriatrics in central Texas, north Texas, and southwest Oklahoma.  In 2002 Rafael co-founded your personal best Physical Therapy which was a clinic based therapy group and after, expanding the company he sold his shares in 2006 and opened Central Texas Home Therapy, PC with a focus on home health therapy staffing. As the group expanded into North Texas and southwest Oklahoma he created a co-op with Southwest Rehab Group and morphed into Cloverleaf Services Incorporated.  Currently Rafael serves as a company manager and deals with marketing and budgeting, as well as continues to serve with direct patient care.

Dr. Lothar Gebauer

Dr. Lothar M. Gebauer is an internist and is affiliated with multiple hospitals. He received his medical degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Gebauer has expertise in treating chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), stroke, and chronic high blood pressure, among other conditions.  He is Board Certified in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Idaho, Lousiana, and Florida.

Eric Dunkel

Eric served as a C-suite hospital executive for a large conglomorate.  He is now the CEO and owner of NiteOwl After Hours Urgent Care in Chattanooga TN.   He began his 22 year career in Chattanooga's home helathcare field.  The majority of those years were spent as a sales/marketing representatibe and entrepreneur for the greater Chattanooga area.  His work experience includes business development for home health organizations, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals.